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Initially I wrote the below back in 2012; however, I never published it. Here we go:


Friday the 13th! A good choice of day to start my blogging; if I do a bad job I have an excuse ­čÖé

I read on wikipedia that fear of Friday 13 is also known as ‘friggatriskaidekaphobia’, where frigga comes from Frigg, the Norse godess, Odin’s wife. ┬áFrigg, in addition to giving Friday its name was “foremost among the goddesses”, the only person allowed by Odin to sit in his chair. ┬áAnd ‘triskaideka’? That is ancient Greek for 13 (¤ä¤ü╬Á╬╣¤â╬║╬▒╬»╬┤╬Á╬║╬▒). ┬áOh, and┬áphobia┬ácomes from Greek phobos (or ¤ć¤î╬▓╬┐¤é): fear! So Frigg+13+fear! (I am sure Frigg was a fearsome woman, being that here husband was the chief God. Who knows, maybe she was the boss of ┬áAsgard.

Not bad, my first post and I am already┬ádelving┬áinto ancient Greek, and Norse gods! (BTW: that I call my blog Midgard – the Norse mythology’s name for the human – or “Middle World”world – and the fact that I start it on a day named after Frigg is pure coincidence, seriously (or is it magic!?).

I was inspired to start┬áblogging┬áfirst and foremost by my friends Johna and Vlad’s exciting┬áWind┬áAgainst┬áCurrent blog. They always have great stories with great photos to match. I will probably be most inspired to┬ápost about kayaking and other outdoor activities in and around Manhattan (that’s what I get most excited about) but I may also post about other exciting experiences, my daughter, good and bad movies, some of my favorite photos and so forth. And on a rainy day I may even blog about sad things – a blog is also a place to air the┬ádifficult┬ástuff, right?

I will leave it at that today. Now I have to muster the courage to go outside…. Luckily┬áno chance of an icicle hitting me, NYC has been way to hot for that lately. But errant taxi drivers is another story…


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